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Drawing Class

I provide art tuition, within the Morecambe Bay area, for:

  • Individuals or small groups, from my studio in Morecambe (max 3 people)

  • Groups at places such as community centres, art clubs, galleries, larger studios

I also facilitate occasional workshops:

  • As drop ins for life drawing, portraits and general art

  • With professional guest tutors from classical/realist academies

  • If would like to be put on the mailing list for this, please contact me <here>.

I am also happy to provide tuition via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

My starting point for teaching is always to ask exactly what it is the student wants to achieve? E.g. a ‘Sunday painter’ who just wants get more out of their hobby will have requirements much different than someone aiming for a career in art.

I am also well aware that a lack of confidence can hold back complete beginners and I have developed methods and activities to build confidence.

For all prices, click <here>

Painting Tuition

I'm happy to teach any style of original painting that you see on this website.

Please note, though, that some types of painting require a lot more experience to undertake than others and some foundational skills may be required!

I therefore strongly recommend at least some drawing experience before embarking on a complex artwork (see below).

There are many short courses where it's possible to apparently get fast results with formulaic, 'paint by numbers' tuition. At its worst, this really is just learning to copy one particular picture. Please note that, although I can show you some very useful hacks,  this is not my approach - I aim to teach key principles that you can then usefully apply to any artwork.

Drawing Tuition

As a self taught artist, I fully understand the frustrations of learning to draw.

Since first picking up a pencil, I have continually analyzed the learning process. After a lot of experimentation, a lot of reading, tuition from academically trained craftsmen artists and, of course, a lot practice, I have been able to develop a very distilled program for drawing tuition.


Learners (not necessarily beginners) naturally want to progress to the ‘interesting’ stuff before mastering a few basic principles.


However, it is absolutely worth taking the time to learn the essentials - get the foundations right and the rewards, in oil painting for example,  will pay back many times over - and creativity will be much, much more enjoyable in the long run.

Salford Artists Workshops (SAW)

A few years ago, I organised various Life Drawing and workshops via Salford Artists' Workshops, where I also arranged for visiting tutors to teach "Academic Realism" (amongst other things).

I also ran small tutored sessions, teaching the foundations of drawing.

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