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Commissions - Digital

Book covers and Illustrations

I'm experienced with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but, as with almost all of my digital work, I usually first work out illustrations and designs with old fashioned pencil and paper.

I feel that this frees me up from making 'easy' decisions (regarding the initial design at least) by using software tools. I believe this can help the final graphic look a little more like it was devised by human hand, which helps it stand out.

Illustration and Design

This is a selection of illustrations and designs for book covers, posters and incidental graphics for websites, etc.


This is a small selection of logos I've done over the years.

I follow the standard design 'rules' such as a logo should be clearly recognizable whether in colour or black & white,  large or small, etc.

However, I believe the main determinant of a successful logo is gaining a profound understanding of what the client actually wants - I therefore sometimes spend longer talking to the client than actually implementing the graphic! This is time well spent - the logo is the face of your business and should reflect your values, ambitions, etc.

I generally use a pencil and paper to get the general idea approved (sometimes presenting up to 30 variations) and then refine and colour digitally.

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