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Commissions - Traditional

Agatha Raisin Framed Oil Painting

By their nature, no two commissions are the same, so it's difficult to be prescriptive about what's possible.


However, I'm happy to consider most combinations of the following:

Media: Oil paint, charcoal, mixed media, ink or graphite on canvas, board, paper.

Subjects: Figure, portrait, machinery, architecture, townscape, celebrity (sports, music, etc), pet portrait.

Style: Cubism, realist/classic, representational, stylised, abstract, cartoon/comic

I am also happy to advise on and arrange framing.

In summary, I can provide a customised and unique work, to your requirements, of any style or subject you can see on this website (and possibly more - please ask!).

Portrait and Figure (Traditional or Stylised)

Portraits in charcoal or oil, of stars, family or pets. Ideal for gifts, promotional material, commemoration, etc.

Architecture & Cityscapes (Traditional and Stylised)

Realistic or stylised pictures of your business, house or town or for your home or business, in oil or charcoal


Why go for a print when you could commission a custom original of a classic (copyright permitting!)?

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