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"Eccles, Remembrance"


"Eccles, Remembrance"

Acrylic on canvas

19.5 x 27.5 inches

*** SOLD ***

This painting alludes to the sheer normality of town life but which came at great expense.

It shows Eccles town centre, in the period leading up to Remembrance Sunday and includes most well known Eccles landmarks. The centrepiece is the cenotaph, which commemorates “…THOSE FROM THE BOROUGH OF ECCLES WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN THE WARS OF 1914-1918 AND 1939-1945”

The image has been used to promote the Eccles Festival for several years.

This is a relatively early painting and was shown in Eccles Community art Gallery, where it won the 'Smith's Restaurant Personal Choice Award"

Limited edition prints are available of this painting <<<click here>>>

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