"System of a Laughing Cavalier"

System of a Laughing Cavalier

"System of a Laughing Cavalier"

Oil on canvas

20 x 28 inches

*** SOLD ***

Someone asked how ‘System for a Laughing Cavalier’ came about, here’s my attempt(!) at explanation:

Anyone who knows me well will likely have suffered my enthusiasm for the subject of Systems Theory. I’ve also been trying to incorporate this subject into my artwork for some time. A ‘System’ is often defined as ‘a collection of parts put together for a purpose’. The parts here are colours, angles and other geometry put together to create a ‘whole’ picture. I.e. each component here isn’t interesting in its own right, but together ‘The Whole Is Greater than the Sum of the Parts’, which is critical to any ‘Viable System’.

This is what happens anyway in (all?) successful paintings but I thought there would be something to be learned by taking a famous picture, deconstructing and reconstructing it, and leaving some of the ‘working out’ showing, and making the ‘System’ more explicit.

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