Mainly self taught, Robert Lever supplemented his studies with occasional, formal tuition (e.g. in academic realism).

He refuses to limit his style to any particular type or theme and almost every new work shows experimentation, if not always a new path to follow. He is greatly influenced by Cubism, which he believes, even 100 years on, has yet to reach its full potential.

He describes himself as an artist rather than as a painter and prioritises narrative and compositional design over paint-on-canvas 'craftsmanship'.

Manchester Open Exhibition 2021

I was lucky to get not just one artwork into the Manchester Open but two! Unfortunately, 'Pegasus' and 'Woman with Hurdy Gurdy' were on display for only a few short weeks before Covid 19 struck.


The exhibition had to be closed to the public, which was disappointing for all concerned. However, the exhibition was still a great success, being the most successful exhibitiuon in Home's history, with 33,000 visitors.

"Agatha Raisin" (TV Show)

My biggest commission to date!!!

I feel privileged to have been commissioned by Free@Last TV for their international hit TV show, “Agatha Raisin”.

This was for a stylized oil portrait of Agatha herself (played by Ashley Jensen) and a limited edition of 50 prints, each signed by author M.C. Beaton, Ashley Jensen and myself. These are prizes for fans of the show.


Incidentally, Agatha’s picture has a part in the show!!! It appears in her office, hung on the back wall.

Salford Star (Interview)

I've appeared in one or two publications over the years but this interview with my local paper means more than most.

I respect the Star a lot as it runs as a cause rather than for profit and they are very supportive of local artists, bands, etc - as seen in this very positive article!

Salford City Council - Christmas Card

In 2016, I was honored to be asked to provide the artwork for the official Salford City Council christmas card, by City Mayor (Paul Dennett)

Left Lion Magazine

Nottingham's iconic Left Lion magazine is a cultural institution in the city and has commissioned me twice; once for the prestigious front cover and pull out poster (Issue #108) and once for a piece on poet Miggy Angel (Issue #105).

I was also interviewed for the magazine.

Exquisite Corpse International

I was invited to be the UK representative for the original Exquistite Corpse game, which is run from St Petersburg, Florida which has an extremely active and high quality art community.

I was even more over the moon to be sharing a panel with top St Petersburg artists Steven Kenny and Marc Lavasseur.

Eccles Festival - publicity material

My painting 'Eccles, Remembrance' was shown at Eccles Community Art Gallery in 2010.

This brought it to the attention of the Eccles Festival Committee  (representation includes representatives from The Lowry, Salford Council and local businesses) who have used it for branding and promotional purposes for several years.

This painting also won the Smiths Restaurant 'Personal Choice' award when it was originally shown.