Portfolio (pre 2019)

Watson Fothergill Office
System 2 Redesign
Dirty Old Town
The Abominations
Bet Lynch
Old Fire Escape, Manchester
Eccles, Remembrance
City of Light
Cheltenham Street, Salford
Reap What You Sow
Christmas Eve, Salford
John Coltrane
The Viable System
Victoria Theatre, Salford
Back to Black
Northern Quarter, Manchester
Duke Ellington
The Barber Shop
Bille Holiday
Last of the Famous...
Pulp Fiction: Hard Boiled
The Indian
The Marseille Crustacean
The Composer
The Pub
Popular Beat Combo
Chet Baker
The Cheeseboard
Monks Hall, Eccles
I, Robot
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Black Horse Pub, Salford
The Budgies
Exquisite Corpse International
Crown Theatre, Eccles

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Watson Fothergill Office

Watson Fothergill's Office, Nottingham Mixed Media